Drainage of any construction project is of utmost importance. Drainage is a specialist area of construction and requires skilled individuals with years of experience. At Jon Clements Construction, our drainage expertise is second to none having worked on many projects of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you are re-evaluating your drainage in response to flooding or poor flow or if you are getting ready for a new build, Jon Clements Construction has the expertise to help. From simple ditches and gutters to complete municipal sewer systems we have the personnel, equipment and know-how to ensure the best drainage is delivered.

Understanding the lay of the land is one thing but knowing how to drain wastewater as well as sewage or effluent correctly requires experience. At Jon Clements Construction, we work closely with local council and surveyors to discuss building plans in detail before beginning any work on the drainage. Working with trusted suppliers of everything from simple plastic pipes to more specialised sewerage and underground piping, we take pride in our work.

At Jon Clements Construction, we are able to meet all your drainage needs from guttering and rainwater harvesting of surface water to Subsoil Drainage that can assist in improving ground stability. We meet all building and construction regulations and our work comes with many guarantees.

Our drainage services also include removal of foul and soil water often just called wastewater. We can assist with solutions that remove this water or help construct and provide grey water systems. From small residential to commercial construction, Jon Clements Construction has the drainage expertise you are looking for, contact us on 01273 417057 or email us.

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